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<br>Vita Spa</br> Night in Seoul Vitamin Shower Filter
<br>Vita Spa</br> Night in Seoul Vitamin Shower Filter

Vita Spa
Night in Seoul Vitamin Shower Filter


Vita Spa Shower Filter contains natural vitamin gel and milk components to help moisturize, whiten, and prevent aging skin. It promotes healthy skin by filtering residual chlorine and rust from tap water through a built-in filter. It's unique aroma and scent allows you to enjoy a fragrant and relaxing shower.

1. Slim profile water filter - filters residual substances from tap water and debris from old pipes
2. Bathroom decoration – featuring colorful, unique and trendy designs
3. Aromatherapy - 6 different carefully curated scents to improve your physically and psychological well being
4. A home spa - containing milk, vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to enhance and moisturize your skin 

Night in Seoul
A moody amber-type scent of Chamomile and Freesia that allows you to feel young and mysterious, resembling a night view of Seoul.

How to use
Vita Spa can be easily installed on both the shower and bottom joints
1. Unscrew and remove shower hose from shower mixer
2. Simply screw Vita Spa into shower mixer
3. Reattach the shower hose into Vita Spa tightly to avoid leaking

Polypropylene, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Starch (Dextrin), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Moisturizer (Glycerin), Powered Skim Milk, Food Dye, Perfume (Aroma), Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid