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<br>Essence Vale</br> Peppermint (Mitcham) - Mentha x Piperita

Essence Vale
Peppermint (Mitcham) - Mentha x Piperita


Mentha x Piperita. 10ml. 

Temporary relief of headaches, sinus, muscle aches, cramps and symptoms of cold and flu. Aids in treatment of digestive disorders.

Essence Vale Peppermint (Mitcham) Essential Oil. 10ml.

Mentha x Piperita. 100% pure. 

This refreshing and cooling oil helps wake up the mind and improve concentration. It can also be used to temporarily relieve symptoms of headaches, sinus, muscle aches and cramps. Because it decongests the nose and sinuses, it is great for alleviating symptoms of cold and flu. You can also use it to treat indigestion, nausea and flatuence. 

If you have travel sickness, you can consider using a blend containing peppermint oil, as this will help to reduce your nausea. 

Do not use if you are undergoing homeopathic treatments. Do not use at night as it will cause you to be alert and refreshed.