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<br>Essence Vale</br> Orange Sweet - Citrus Sinensis

Essence Vale
Orange Sweet - Citrus Sinensis


Citrus Sinensis. 10ml.

Helps relieve stress and tension. Temporary relief of cough. Awakening and joyful.

Essence Vale Orange Sweet Essential Oil. 10ml. 

Citrus Sinensis. 100% pure.

Sweet orange essential oil is an antidepressant and uplifting. It helps relieve stress, tension and depression. It helps the immunity system and is a temporary relief for colds, flus, coughs and infections. It also helps to calms the stomach and hence is good for digestive problems. 

Sweet orange oil, like the fruit itself, is cheerful and uplifting. Great for those who want to be more positive in life!

Do not use the oil before exposure to UV rays, as it may cause photosensitivity.