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[liv-ing] adjective
  • Having life; being alive; not dead
  • Active or thriving; vigorous; strong
  • To practice, represent, or exhibit in one's life
[nach-er-uh-lee] adverb
  • Of, existing in, or produced by nature: natural science
  • Following or resembling nature or life; lifelike
  • Being or made from organic material; not synthetic
[kuhm-puh-nee] noun
  • Number of individuals assembled or associated together; group of people.
  • An assemblage of persons for purposes.
  • Companionship; fellowship; association

In my late 20s, I started to suffer from perioral dermatitis around my mouth area. The cause is unknown but anecdotal evidence point towards using products that contain sodium laureth sulfate and steroids. When I researched further, such conditions were often accompanied by hormonal imbalance and to my horror, infertility. I started paying attention to product labels and was alarmed by the abundance of these potentially harmful ingredients in almost all of the brands that we know so well (Source: Daily Mail)I came to an awakening that like everyone else, I was distracted by advertising claims and fancy marketing campaigns. 

With my best friend exploring natural skincare ahead of me, I had a very positive influence in my life. She introduced me to many organic skincare products, gave me a long list of resources to read. The more I read, the more I was obsessed with natural beauty and care. The switch to natural products couldn't come soon enough and my skin has never been better. It was worth it. 

One problem though, we don’t get many organic skincare in Singapore and I had to ship most of my products from the US. Shipping in small amounts just didn't make any financial sense, so I bought in larger amounts and started to gifting everyone natural products at every opportunity - it could be organic lip balm, body wash without SLS & parabens, you name it. I also convinced all my family members to switch from anti-perspirants (nanoparticles) to tea tree oil or natural deodorants. 

Eventually and naturally, I established LNC in late 2013 as a part-time project with YOU in mind. For the YOU who shares the same belief in using natural skincare; YOU who wants to venture closer the nature; YOU who is curious about natural products. 

Present & Future

In mid 2016, I was presented with a career opportunity that I couldn't resist. The future of LNC was in limbo. I thought to myself - "Well, it was an awesome trip" and with that, LNC came to a brief cessation as some of you would remember.

By a stroke of fate, my journey of discovery collided with a passion for humanity and LNC was reborn with new meaning. We are now a collaborative team with the same fundamental goodness. We have set exciting frontiers to break. We have set an eye on improving our environment through sustainability. We hope to share our projects with you in the coming months. 

Good Things Don't Change

We are a “company” – a group of people – coming together with purpose. We want to introduce more natural products into your daily routine. We appreciate life in all its goodness and believe that everyone deserves the best available to them. The best products, by our definition, are made with love and respect for our planet, from ingredients that are as natural and/or organic as they can be. We take pride in searching, curating and sharing such treasures with you. 

At the end of our financial year, we donate to causes that we believe in. We hope for greater financial equality so that we can stop human trafficking and do a better job in looking after our earth (WWF).